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پدر کجاست؟! (۰۲۴-۰۰۸) – متن انگلیسی
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پدر کجاست؟! (۰۲۴-۰۰۸) – متن انگلیسی

Where is Father?! (008-024)

Those who fly from amongst us and go… Apparently, it is too bitter…

We are not going to see them anymore; we are not going to hear their voice anymore; we are not going to have any physical contact with them anymore; and nothing else anymore…

That’s too hard!

Humans get used to an inanimate object, to an animal, even to a stranger; so let alone those who suddenly fly from amongst us are our nearest and dearest.

Is it actually possible that a dear of ours gets disappeared and we would not have any connections with them at all?!

Is it actually possible that a father, a mother, a sister, and or a brother would not be existing out there so that we call them, they call us and we be in a kind of connection with them, the connection which used to have everlastingly built a part of our existence?!

It is actually unbelievable. It definitely seems impossible.

So, that one who is not amongst us, where they are?!

That dear one who has always been a part of our memories, a part of our world, and I would better say a non-detachable part of our being, where they are just available at present?!

Has that eternal being, that being from whose existence I could have never imagined my own being, forever become a null existence in the darkness?

Do not they exist any longer?!

Are they just nothingness?!

That Father who has been the existential cause of my happiness, that one who has provided the means of my very happy being, where he will just get existent as long as I am here and thinking about him, wanting him, looking at myself through his eyes?

How does eternity get fulfilled for such a beloved one when I would not have the chance of visiting him in any places of this world?!

Shall I be waiting for my own nothingness? Shall I not be existing any longer?!

But I do not think so… Father is out there.

Father is where he has always been. Father is exactly in the same place whenever I could not see him.

For me, Father will perfectly stay in that mental image of mine from his, in a way as strong as mountains, as moving as rivers, as calm as the Pacific Ocean, and also as what he has always been.

From this day on, Father’s being will be continued within my being.

Father is out there. Father’s existence has entered into my existence.

Father is out there, since I am out there and I am willing to keep the candle of his existence brightly burning for me and the others.

Has Father flown away?!

Has Father disappeared?!

Has Father become a fistful of sand?!

Has Father become a dumb and lost particle floating in the universe?!

No, I do not think so!

Father has turned into warmth, into memory, into presence, into recollection, into thought, into sentence, into action, into laughter, into hope and into thousands of other existing things.

Father may have turned into a being within me. Father may have turned into ‘ME’.

So, you tell me where Father is?!

Has Father gone and vanished?!


I tell you that I will never think so!

Father is here.

Father may have turned into your being, into this very existing world.

Father may have turned into ‘YOU’…

Translated by Daydaad

Persian Text

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